The FUSIoN Project

Every girl is worth celebrating.

The FUSIoN Project Gala
October 2nd, 2020

Our Mission

Empower junior high girls to reach for their full potential by recognizing their strengths and owning and celebrating who they are; in so doing, lowering their risk of victimization

Self Worth

Every girl needs to have confidence in who she is.


Feeling like you belong makes all the difference.


Becoming confident lowers the risk of becoming a victim

Michelle Jenks

Michelle has had a long-time concern for the victimization of women and girls. She is driven to make an impact in as many lives as she can in her lifetime. She has been a high school youth group director, co-creator and developer of a multi-state teen convention, volunteer coordinator for two rape crisis centers, corporate trainer and speaker, entrepreneur, and consultant. She has most recently become a published author. As executive director, she helps raise funds for The Fusion Project, speaks to raise awareness of the issues teen girls face, trains the leaders and continues to expand the programs into more areas.
Michelle Jenks