Navigating the new school year

The school year is in full swing and while this is always an exciting time, it can also be a bit overwhelming.  New classes, new teachers, new friends, new activities…there is so much “new” happening that it sometimes makes even familiar places seem uncomfortable. 

As you help the junior higher in your life navigate into this new grade level, here are some things you might want to remind them: 

Be true to who you are: Don’t worry about being the girl with the most instagram followers—just be YOU! Encourage her to find fun friends who make her smile, laugh and think—these friends will make her an even better version of her awesome self. 

Think of the big picture:  A bad test grade or a missed goal on a soccer field does not define you as a person—they are just small things among many, many things you will do in your life.  When bad days happen (and they will), remind her that not everything needs to be so serious. 

Start your day right: The first thing you should do each day?  Something you LOVE. Help her find a great playlist to play while she’s getting ready, share a good smoothie recipe, or suggest she get in a little reading time by bringing her favorite book on the bus. 

Be kind:  When we focus our attention on helping others we end up feeling better about ourselves.  Give her some practical ways to be kind every day such as smiling at everyone in the hallway, holding the door open for others or inviting someone who is eating alone to join her and her friends for lunch. 

Cut people some slack:  When someone does something to you that’s not nice, try to think about what might be going on with them to cause them to be so negative.  This little reminder will change her perspective and make it easier for her to not get angry and let it go. 

This is the beginning of a great school year for you and the FUSIoN Team is happy to be a part of it! 

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